On Feb 12, 2013, a high school basketball game in El Paso, TX between
heated rivals Franklin High School and Coronado High School became a
memorable event. This was senior night at Coronado, and emotions ran higher
when Coronado coach Peter Morales sent his senior manager, Mitchell
Marcus, a special needs student, into the game with around ninety seconds
left in the final quarter. With fans chanting his name, Mitchell missed his first few
shots before fumbling the ball out of bounds with just eleven seconds left. It
appeared as if Mitchell would not score in his first and only game as a high
school student, and then it happened: THE PERFECT TURNOVER.
Franklin's Jonathan Montanez, who went into the game for the first time after Mitchell
Marcus, purposely inbounded the ball to Mitchell, a member of the opposite team,
so he could score his first ever basket. After a few more misses and with the
clock winding down, Mitchell finally made a shot, one that led to joy, triumph,
and love, in a moment that epitomized the meaning of sportsmanship.